How to Buy

To purchase a picture for publication or any other use, you may find a suitable image by entering Image Search keywords or browse the galleries on the home page. Click on the image to enlarge it, then click on "Check Price".If you select your particular Use Type (magazine, book, advertising etc) and fill in all the details such as Market territory, Image size, etc., a price will be displayed. If acceptable, the image may be added to your Cart.



When you wish to go ahead with the purchase of the images in your Cart, you may proceed through "Checkout", "Review Order" and "Payment". Payment has two options - payment by Credit or Debit card is preferred, as the image is immediately delivered to you Online. Offline payment is handled manually and may involve the arranging of a Bank Transfer, or some other method of payment that is agreed. In this case, the image is delivered to you Online when payment is completed.



If your intended use is not covered by the options available, or you have any other special requirements, you may click on "Request a quotation" at the bottom of the Price screen, and I will respond to this as soon as possible with a quotation that you may like to Accept and add to your Cart. If the quotation is not acceptable, you can contact me to discuss it further.

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